Kitesurf Discovery Day Koh Phangan

Discover the world of Kitesurfing in one day.  The discovery course is for people who want to get a taste of flying the kite and know the theory of this amazing sport.  If you like the trial day you can continue on our 3 day Full Course by completing an additional 2 days of training.

The first part of the course will take through the theoretical part of kiteboarding and later we practice with the kite in the water. You will receive knowledge of the wind directions, obstacles on the kitesurfing spot and the wind-window. In this wind window exist different zones where the kite has more or less power. You will learn how to use this “power zones” to fly the kite.

In addition, having knowledge of the kitespot is important so you stay safe and make sure no other people get in danger. We teach you everything.
The weather and wind conditions play a major role when you go kitesurfing. There are different spots in the world, flat lagoons or deep water with waves and currents. You need to know how to use your kite equipment there. The knowledge of the water level (tide-level) is also important.
Each kite has a safety system. It is important to know how to use this “emergency-system” if you have to and to check beforehand if the system is working properly.





Special instructions:

Kitesurfing Discovery Course Contents

Level 1A – Kitespot Selection

  • To know safe wind conditions and wind directions for kitesurfing
  • To know obstacles on a kite spot
  • Setting up a kite
  • The use of a safety system
  • To carry and take care of the kite equipment properly

Level 1B – Basic Kite flying

  • To have basic flying skills with the kite
  • Launching and landing the kite with an assistant
  • Being able to twist and untwist the lines while flying the kite in the air
  • Being able to walk and change the directions while flying the kite in the air
  • Knowledge of the wind-window

Level 1C – Kite-Control Systems

  • Setting-up a 4 or 5 line kite
  • Pre-flight check of equipment and settings
  • In-flight check of equipment and settings
  • Use of quick release system and activate leash system
  • Understanding and use of the international-communication-signs
  • Launching and landing the kite with an assistant and to an assistant

Level 1D – Power Control

  • Controlling the kite hooked in with a harness
  • Understanding of the depower system and use of the safety system
  • More advanced flying skills with the kite
  • Showing full control of depower systems while flying the kite

Level 1E – Self -Landing

  • Self-landing
  • Recovering the kite plus bar
Terms & conditions:

* For each Day extra time is considered (1hour).

* If the kite needs to be changed, or other situations in the water ( No additional costs )

* We may need to cancel your specified day due to adverse weather conditions or insufficient wind.  We will do our best to accomodate you on an alternative day.

Kitesurfing Lesson time:

Teaching duration (Private Lessons): 2-3 hours*
Teaching duration (2 students/1 Instructor): 3-4 hours*